Update – January 11, 2011

A father of the ftherless, and a judge of the widows, is God in His holy habitation. Psalm 68:5

Good Morning Everybody,

First of all, sorry we haven’t gotten an update out since Christmas, but we had a wonderful time. The kids all got new clothes, lots of toys, and each child received a pair of roller blades and much more! Brayan (six years old) promptly went out two days later and broke his elbow! Amber got to spend the night with him in the hospital. They put a pin in and he’s right back to being Brayan – an accident waiting to happen. Thanks to all who gave to make this a great Christmas for our kids.

This weekend we have another 15th birthday party coming up for Tamara. She’s very happy and excited, we’ll be happy and excited Sunday when it’s all over and we don’t have another one until Azucena in June. Please pray that everything turns out alright and that it’s a memorable day for Tamara.

When we went to the border to pick up the Christmas gifts, we had just gotten the Dodge out of the shop for transmission work. We made it to San Antonio just fine, but then first gear started giving us some problems. We checked the transmission fluid, topped it off a little, and kept going with lots of prayer. When we hit the border, first gear started working again but reverse and neutral went out. We made it home just fine, with only one blown trailer tire. Now the Dodge is back in the shop and hopefully we’ll be getting it out today at minimal cost, please pray for the minimal cost.

We really NEED a new vehicle. We have the Ford van that runs like a champ, but the Dodge is probably going to be an on-going problem. When it was in the accident, the frame got bent and so the motor and the transmission don’t exactly line up. It works great for local travel, but we don’t trust it for making long trips anymore. The front passenger door does not open either and we’re getting old and less mobile by the day. We’ll be going to the states in February/March, please pray that we’ll be able to get a new vehicle during that time frame – hopefully a small SUV type that can handle the rough roads, but still gets decent gas mileage.

A few days after Christmas we received two new girls from Durango. They are Anna, (twelve-years-old) and her little sister, Manuela (ten-years-old). They seem to be doing well and Manuela has gone from asking questions about running away to asking questions like: “Do we have to leave when we’re eighteen but we don’t want to go to school anymore?” We have really been enjoying them. Please pray for them and their need of salvation. Pray that we’ll be able to present the Gospel to them clearly so that they will be able to make a decision soon.

Big Luis turned sixteen this week, which is the boys’ big birthday here in the home. Normally the kids get $100 pesos (about nine dollars) for their birthday, but for the boys’ sixteenth birthday, they can ask for something big. He wanted to get his teeth fixed. Because of the heavy metals and the fluoride in the tap water here, a lot of people have stained teeth. So he is in the process of getting his teeth whitened, because of the severity of the water situation where he came from, his teeth also have lines etched in them which will require a further process of applying resin to the teeth fronts. He is very happy and says, “Now I’ll be able to smile like I want to!”

The Means family has left to go to language school in Cuernavaca in the state of Morelos. We want to say thank-you for their service and ask you to pray for them as they start this new part of their lives. The timing worked out perfectly as our daughter Mary, Nathan and baby Sam have moved into their (the Means) old house, which was our old house. We are so excited to have Mary and Nathan here and they have just jumped right in with both feet and taken a load off of us for which we are VERY grateful. We were also able to drag our daughter, Alison, and her daughter (our granddaughter), Cadence, back with us. It has just been such a lot of fun to have our girls, two of our grandbabies and even Nathan here with us.

Thank you all so much for all of the prayer and financial support. We mentioned above that we will be making a trip in February/March.

This will be a support raising trip for the children’s home. When we have more of a schedule and know when we are going to be passing through areas, we will send out another update. If you’d like to have us come present the ministry of the Children’s home in your church, we can make arrangements then.

We’re trusting God to do great things both for the children’s home and for those who decide to get involved.

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